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Why do I do this?  Well it isn't for the money- there's lots of things I can do that pay a whole lot better.  It isn't to meet women. I've got a lovely wife and she's all I can handle.  I just love what I'm doing.  I get a kick out of making someone's day by playing a song they haven't heard in a while- a blast from the past.  Yeah, I can play Brown Eyed Girl and Margaritaville like every Florida band, but I love to play the ones that bring a smile to your face- the B-sides and the one hit wonders.  I tend to favor songs by the great songwriters as opposed the great performers.  I don't try to sound like the original artist because ​

that's a fool's errand.  I've got an eclectic song list that transcends genres and I won't be playing a song for you unless I can "sell it".  I'm not doing live karaoke.  I'm not locked into doing the same rendition every time you ever hear me.  It's me and my acoustic guitar and my harmonicas, playing at a level where you can listen, but you can also converse with your friends.  I want to be your soundtrack.  With 700+ songs and no set list, every show is unique.  I love what I do and I think you'll love it too!

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